Fetishes and kinks develop at an early age,

And I have always been fond of the rain.

Somehow, it has grown into more than a liking

And, as an adult, manages to turn me on.

Kissing in the rain is nothing new;

It’s an old, romantic concept.

Yet fucking in the rain is odd and strange.

Wetness is a part of sex, be it cum or sweat.

Is it so weird that the sound of rain could turn me on?

Rain is normally associated with calming, soothing sounds,

Unless it’s a violent storm.

But opposite of normalcy, it makes me feel rather hot.

My friends all think it’s odd that rain has this effect,

But it doesn’t seem much different to me than other turn-ons,

And far less scary or frightening than some.

There are some darker, more dangerous fetishes

That one, namely me, might partake,

But compared to those, rain seems relatively harmless.

I’ve always loved the rain, and clearly so does my libido.

There’s nothing wrong with banging in the rain,

And it must not be all that strange, because my boyfriend feels the same.