Do I look pretty with your cock in my mouth, daddy?

Tell me I looked cute with your throbbing cock

In my pretty little mouth, with your cum dripping down my chin.

Call me your good little girl and watch me get freaky in the sheets.

Wrap your hands around my throat and thrust harder against my princess parts,

While telling me how beautiful I’d look sucking on your cock instead of my binky.

When you call me kitten or princess or baby girl,

I sink instantly into little space, where my only thought is “daddy.”

It pleases me to pleasure you, like any little girl should.

When you cum and I know I’m doing my job to make you feel good,

It makes me extremely happy and I get desperate to please you more.

Do I feel good, where your hands are touching, under my skirt?

Do I look adorable with your cock resting between my breasts?

Do I look cute with your cum on my chest or coating my thighs?

Am I daddy’s little girl, moaning loudly with your cock inside me?

Tell me how much of a good girl I am and watch me squirm under your weight.

When you call me a good girl, my libido shoots to maximum level,

And I blush, hiding behind my stuffies, offering myself up to you.

Take me, daddy; I’m an innocent little slut, but only for you.

When you slide it in and I arch my back to drive you in deeper,

And you growl, capturing my lips forcefully with yours,

Or biting my neck while you pet my princess parts,

I would do anything for you, to be daddy’s perfect little angel.