You don’t have to worry about my being unfaithful,

Because I am madly, truly, intensely in love with you.

Every time I close my eyes, I see your face behind my eyelids

And every time you’re not here, I think of you and miss you.

When we make love, I fall even deeper in love with you.

Our love is profound and unrivaled, even by the greatest love stories.

Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose, Edward and Bella have nothing on us.

I am enormously, extremely into you, and I always will be, forever.

All I do is think of you and wonder exactly what I mean to you,

And if any other girls could ever measure up in your mind.

Fret not, my love, for I’m loyal to a fault, loyal to the end, loyal to you.

I would never hurt you in that way, because that’d be worse than suicide–

It would be murdering my very happiness, the only thing that is keeping me sane.

You’re everything to me and I would never risk that for a fling or affair,

Because you’re my heart, my soul, the oxygen I breathe, my life.

You’re the most important thing to me and nothing else matters,

As long as we’re together and you never need anyone else to make you happy.

I’ve never met anyone as in love as us– we’re the couple everyone envies.

We’re the couple everyone hates because they secretly want to be us;

We’re so perfect together we make everyone around us jealous.

You never have reason to doubt my love or my words

Because my actions prove just how much you matter to me.

You never need to worry about other guys because I don’t wanna lose you.

Since we met, I never even notice other guys– they might flirt, but I don’t see,

Because I’m too busy thinking about you and how much I want only you.

I’ll never need another, as long as you stay true,

And I’ll never love anyone like I love you.