Do I turn you on?

Do thoughts of me,

Or the sight of me,

Make you hard?

When I’m clothed,

Not just naked–

But when I am nude

Too, of course?

Do you find me attractive?

Am I irresistible?

Am I prettier than the other

Girls you have seen

Or ones you have been

Interested in before me?

Are you into me,

And only me?

Am I the only girl

Who makes your heart

Beat faster and the only one

Who causes your cock to rise?

Am I the sole cause of your boner

Or is there another you fancy?

Do I create an erection in your pants

Or are you just pretending to be into me?

Are you sleeping with other women

In order to stand the thought

Of having sex with me?

Or are you truly turned on

By chubby, ugly little me?

Your sweet words and kind phrases

And your sugary little nicknames

Tell a story that claims you think

I am not just pretty, but seductive too.

Is that true, or am I just fooling myself?

Could you ever be attracted to this, to me?

Are you drawn to me above anyone else?

I have such low self-esteem and no confidence,

But you make me feel like I could be beautiful.

Am I your definition of sexy,

Or is the way your body reacts to my touch

Just another lie?