The thought of being with anyone else makes me feel sick.

I will never want to be with another or need anyone else,

Because you are my everything and my life.

I feel physically ill at the idea of you being with another girl, too.

I don’t want to lose you and I’m nauseous at the thought of having to move on.

Please don’t put me in a position to have to get over you, because I can’t.

I do not ever want to be with anyone else, even if we don’t work out.

If we break up, I will always love you and I’ll never ever take another.

This is it for me– you; you’re the end for me, my happily ever after.

We will last for eternity, because our love is too strong to destroy.

I won’t ever be unfaithful, because I don’t want to hurt you.

If I were to lose you, it would be to kill a part of myself,

And both murder and suicide are illegal.

I’d never forgive myself for letting you walk away,

So I’ll be loyal till the end and make sure we’re happy.

Until the day we die, we will remain very much in love

And dedicated to one another, like no other.

The thought of being alone scares me,

But what frightens me even more is the thought of not having you,

Or of you moving on with someone else, while I’m forced to give you up.

I refuse to let you go without a fight, and I fight hard for what I love.