Society today has made sex both taboo

And far too easy to find.

Since we’re stuck in hookup culture,

Love is so rare to come by,

Though we’ve surely found it.

Sex isn’t what it used to be–

So meaningful and special.

Sex today is like any other act,

With less strings and no emotions attached.

Sex today is the simple act of inserting a penis into a vagina,

Rather than the coming together of two hearts,

The mingling of two souls connecting and touching.

Now it’s nothing more than naked, sweaty bodies writhing,

No phone numbers exchanged, no promise of a second date.

But with you, it feels so different– so much better than that.

When we make love, we take our time,

We explore every inch of each others’ bodies

And when we talk, we explore each others’ minds.

We’re a rare kind of people, ones that search for love,

Rather than the excitement or thrill of one night stands

And meeting sexy, mysterious strangers in heated lust.

I like what romance, love, and sex mean to us.

We see the importance of love, see it in each other.

We don’t ask “what’s love gotta do with it?”

After we’re done with a cheap thrill in a skanky motel room.

We don’t ask “how many more until I’m satisfied?”

We’re just happy having a commitment, being with only each other.

Sex with you is magical, so invigorating, so intoxicating.

Being in love makes sex so much better, makes it heady and addicting.

Why would I ever need another, when I’ve got you to cherish me?