You need me– I can tell

From the thickness in your voice

And the way you say my name.

I know by the way you stare at me

And the lusty bulge in your pants

That you need me for sex right now.

You want to have your way with me,

But you’re waiting for me to look at you.

I glance sideways, and you kiss me

Until I unhook my bra and toss it to the floor.

You need me so badly right now;

I can tell by the way you grab my hips

And pull off the rest of my clothes,

Discarding them with your clothes.

You need me to relieve your tension,

To make you cum until you feel good.

You need me to help you get rid of stress

And to get you off as your libido skyrockets.

I understand your frustration

From not getting any action,

So I grope your cock and start rubbing

As you fondle my boobs and lay me back.

I am happy to please you sexually,

Because I know I’m the only one who gets to.

I’m the only girl allowed to touch you

Or look at you with desire in their eyes

And I’m the only woman for you.