via Lollipop


As far as the candy goes, the blue one was always my favorite.

Blueberry or blue raspberry, I think it was supposed to be.

But now I have a new favorite thing to suck on,

Also known as your lollipop– your hot, lubricated lollipop.

Taking you into my mouth, my mouth waters from the taste,

Delighted by the sensation of you, your warmth, your hardness–

The cherry flavor of the lube you lathered all over your erection.

As an infant, we are given pacifiers and as a child, we enjoy lollipops–

It’s all practice for one thing, as an adult, when we graduate to bigger things

And start licking different, more X-rated lollipops to the center,

Until the grown-up cream fills our mouths, instead of the chewy tootsie roll inside.