It’s just past 2am,

And I’m thinking

Hard about you.

I can’t stand the

Thought of not

Having you


I am so scared

Of losing you

When I love you

So freaking much.

You are my heart;

You are my soul;

You’re my whole life.

Please be gentle with

Me and handle my

Heart with care.

It’s two hours past

Midnight yet I am

Wide awake still,

Wondering if I’m

As important to you

As you are to me.

Am I the only one

That you want,

That you need?

Do I matter at all

To you, in any way?

Are you as in love

With me as I am

With you, my dear?

It’s early morning

And I can’t sleep,

Too busy thinking

About how we met,

The day we fell in love.

Do you still feel the way

You used to, or have your

Feelings dwindled and

Vanished for me, while

Mine have only grown?