I am screwed,


From the first

Time I saw you,

I knew I was

Totally screwed.

You were so damn

Beautiful and sweet;

You charmed the pants

Right off of me– though

Not literally, of course,

Because I was so shy

And nervous around

You that I could barely

Bring myself to look at you

Or to meet your eyes directly.

When you weren’t looking,

I’d sneak little glances

At you and knew without

The shadow of a doubt

That I was utterly screwed.

Love and heartache go

Hand-in-hand, whether

It turns out well or ends

In disaster, but luckily for us

It ended so well that we are

Still together today and we

Are very happy together.

I have been burned in the past,

So I was hesitant and skeptical

To meet you, but that day came,

One week after we’d first started

Talking online, and I was so relieved

To see that your profile picture

Didn’t do you justice,

And you were so much more

Than I ever could have imagined.