via Pest


She is a thorn in my side,

A dirty, grimy little whore

That has no place breathing

The same air as you.

I can’t stop her from liking you,

But I can stop her from having you.

You are mine, always, forever,

Unconditionally, and I am yours.

You want only me, and even if you

Were single, you’d never go for her.

She is a slimy, slutty pest

And you are much too good for her–

Whether she accepts it or not,

She’s not even a blip on your radar.

She once thought the way to your heart

Was to torment and threaten your girlfriend,

But that backfired, because now you hate her

More than ever– and she stands even less

Of a chance than she did before,

When you already thought she was an ugly skank

And you don’t waste time on fake bitches.

She wants me to be jealous,

But I’m not worried because I know I’m better

And I know you wouldn’t cheat on me.

She tries to taunt me with your past friendship,

But the trust that she hasn’t realized yet,

Is that you don’t want to be friends with her

And certainly never more than friends.

She knows of my low self-esteem,

So she attacks, like a shark that smells blood,

Going in for my weakness, dangling her crush for you

In my face, claiming you once had a thing for her too.

But she’s nothing more than a fat, desperate pest

And her pathetic, pitiful attempts to undermine me

Or to get you all to herself won’t work

Because I am confident of my man and our love.