The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


August 2017

dark nonet

the rotting skeletons of children found in the abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowehere screams smothered and unheard a horror story their ghosts live on exacting revenge here


dark lanturne

blood woodsmoke parted limbs shrunken pumpkins rain

dark haiku

coagulation transportation for the dead jack o'lanterns burn

Love You Always

In summertime, our love is strong, like dahlias floating in the breeze. In wintertime, our love is warm — it travels from heart to soul. If skies are blue, our love is passionate — two people basking in the sun. If thunder rolls our love... Continue Reading →

That Body of Yours

those eyes: I could fall forever in those eyes, So dark and deep, Yet hiding no secrets from me. I could swim in those eyes, Like an ocean of chocolate, Yielding the contents of your soul.     those lips:... Continue Reading →

I wanna grow old with you

I wanna grow old with you. I wanna love you when you're wrinkled, I wanna love you when you're senile, And I wanna love you long after your joints start creaking. I wanna love you when your hair goes white... Continue Reading →

Tiger Stripes

My arms look like the body of a tiger, Lined with stripes, Of scares now healed But left behind. Unlike a tiger, my stripes are nearly invisible, A personal reminder of the struggles I've endured, Past pain etched permanently onto... Continue Reading →

Have I Told You?

Have I told you lately, Just how much you mean to me? Have I mentioned that I love you, And you're all I ever need? Have I told you how much I care? Do you know how special you are... Continue Reading →

You Love Me

You love me, so deeply, so truly, Even when I cannot love myself. You love me, so madly, so completely, That I know I am cherished. You treasure me and adore me, So that I may know I am loved... Continue Reading →

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