I worry that you will find someone better,

Someone that makes you happier.

I’m scared you’ll grow close to another girl–

Perhaps one at work, or one of the freak friends

That I pretended to like because you do.

I’m terrified that one day you’ll leave me

Or take another as your lover,

Even though I’m still here.

You claim you’d never stray,

But what if it just happens?

What if you start hanging out

With a woman at work

And you just grow closer

And then accidentally,

Without meaning to,

You find yourself falling for her?

I know you’re faithful and I trust you.

But I am well aware of my flaws

And I’ve seen some of your female friends.

Please don’t let that happen,

Because I love you more than anything

And your loyalty means the world to me.

I absolutely adore being your girlfriend

And I absolutely love that you’re mine.