Sometimes I wonder if you really care,

Sometimes I wonder how much I matter,

Sometimes I lie awake, worrying you want someone else.

I often lie awake, wondering, afraid of losing you.

I sometimes look at you and wonder if you also

Think of me; if I am constantly on your mind, too.

Sometimes I wonder if you’re afraid of losing me,

Or if you would just continue on with your life

As if I was never a part of your life– would you miss me?

I know you love me and I do not doubt your loyalty.

But my insecurities sometimes whisper to me, taunting,

And filling me with anxiety, stress, and jealousy.

Sometimes I watch you when you’re not looking

And I fall– deeply, hard– all over again.

But sometimes I wonder if I’m more into you

Than you have actual interest for me.

When it comes to crushes, I usually fall the hardest.

I am sadly use to unrequited mini-crushes,

So when I have full-blown love for someone (you),

And you actually reciprocate, I’m not sure how to respond.

I wouldn’t trade you or your love for anything,

But sometimes I wonder how you’d feel without me.

Would my being gone affect you in any way

Or would you simply be quick to move on?

I know you return my love, but sometimes…

Sometimes I wonder.

Am I good enough?

Am I worthy?

Do I deserve it?

Do I deserve you?

You say I do,

But sometimes I wonder.