I have fallen for you so hard

And I don’t ever wanna get up.

I was scared and didn’t choose to fall,

But you came along and fucking tripped me.

I’d been hurt before, so I was careful,

But out of nowhere, I found myself at your feet.

I was cautious to watch my step,

But somehow my heart was in it

Before I knew what was happening.

I fell so quickly for you,

I wondered if my heart remembered anything

Or if it was suicidal.

Can a heart have a death wish?

Throwing oneself with reckless abandon at a stranger

Could definitely make one think yes.

But you were clearly the right choice,

As you were knocked off balance when you tripped me,

And I haven’t looked back since.

I think fondly of the day we met

And though you tripped me,

And we both fell unexpectedly,

I don’t regret a damn thing.