I’ll wait for you, always.

I’d rather suffer a thousand deaths

Than be without your touch.

I’d rather forfeit my own life

Than lose you.

I’d rather die alone

Than be with anyone else.

I promise you, I’m not going anywhere,

As long as I’m alive.

I’d rather go blind, deaf, and mute

Than have to get over you.

I’d rather cut out my own tongue

Than hurt you.

I’d rather set myself on fire

Than outlive you.

I’d rather drown and let sharks feast on my remains

Than go another day without you.

I’d rather shove hot pokers down my throat

Than be single again.

I’d rather shoot myself in the head

Than have you leave me.

I’d rather stab myself in the eye

Than have you hate me.

I’d rather drink bleach

Than watch you move on with someone else.

I can’t stand the thought of losing you.

My oath to you, my love,

I’ll be here on your arm forever.