The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void

Do You Even Care?

I love you so damn much, Yet do you even care? You are my heart, my soul, But what am I to you? You're my everything, And I'd die if I lost you. How would you feel If you woke... Continue Reading →

What Am I Even Doing?

What am I even doing? Why am I here? I am useless, worthless, Incompetent, and stupid. No one has ever needed me before, So why should you? Why would you continue to date me, When I'm the epitome of failure?... Continue Reading →

Not Needed

No one needs me here, in this world, alive. No one wants me, no one loves me. I would be better off dead, And it'd be doing everyone a favor If I were to suddenly not exist. I'm not needed... Continue Reading →

Slimy, Slutty Pest

via Pest   She is a thorn in my side, A dirty, grimy little whore That has no place breathing The same air as you. I can't stop her from liking you, But I can stop her from having you.... Continue Reading →


I am screwed, Completely. From the first Time I saw you, I knew I was Totally screwed. You were so damn Beautiful and sweet; You charmed the pants Right off of me-- though Not literally, of course, Because I was... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, Hell Boy

Tell me, From where do these horns arise? From the fiery pits of Hell, I surmise. Tell me, Where does your evilness come from? I fear a demon you will become. Tell me, What of the vestigial tail growing from... Continue Reading →

Now You Have Me

"You don't need me," you say, But that's simply not true. I can hear the sadness in your voice, But even worse is the defeat, Like you've already given up. "I need you more than anything," I say, Which is... Continue Reading →

Cliché Feelings

Love consumes me when I look at you Or when I hear your voice. Joy overwhelms me when I see a text from you And I can't help but smile when I hear your name. I get sappy, cliché feelings about... Continue Reading →

A World Full of Girls

I cannot keep you from the world, I can't ask you to unfriend certain people. But your best friend is a girl And she is prettier than me. I have never met her, Or heard you talk about her, But... Continue Reading →

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