The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void

My Dead Heart

Pain, ricocheting so completely, Shattering my will to live, Blood dripping from dark thoughts, My broken heart fallen down so deep, past my toes, Buries six feet deep. Agony crying out, unheard despite the tears, Unable to reach your ears... Continue Reading →


Your Name Alone

Your name alone Has the power to render me a giggling puddle of goo. Your name alone can make me smile, Your name alone can make me blush. Your name sounds so good, so right, with mine; My name sounds... Continue Reading →

First Kiss

via Tentative     Slowly, softly, you caress my cheek And tilt my chin up with one hand. My breath stops; you know I'm scared. Carefully, you hold my eyes as you lean down To place your lips gently on... Continue Reading →

Your Delicate Flower

You said last night that I am your delicate flower, I am your sweet little, dainty, feminine rose. I am a charming, enchanting, captivating lily, So beautiful and pretty and dulcet. You told me that you wished I wouldn't get... Continue Reading →

The First Kiss

The first kiss was so tender, so gentle, So hesitant and soft, exploring, probing, Careful. Fire formed within his mouth, His lips so full of passion and heat, As his kiss deepened, And my body melted into his.

The Eagle

Not savage eagle's prey nor hunter's meat, Another summer night you'll someday fly, A voice that cries and wings that fiercely beat, A soaring bird in a dark blue midnight sky,   Your life is small, but the endless sky... Continue Reading →

Recalling thee, my fear by love is met.

Recalling thee, my fear by love is met. To know I have thy love doth set me free, Forsooth, I have been snar’d in thy quick net. On cloud nine we lovers shall convene, Within that heav’nly place we’ll make... Continue Reading →

Alone in Darkness

the night falls with a silent sigh, cold and alone are we. the salvation for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, devoured by the abyss. all hope must surely perish. your heart beats no more. how could you... Continue Reading →

Waiting Pillows

Tears fall on waiting pillows, Expecting the torrential downpour. They're used to being soaked, And lying drenched all night, As the bed's occupant weeps Into the early-morning hours.

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