The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if you really care, Sometimes I wonder how much I matter, Sometimes I lie awake, worrying you want someone else. I often lie awake, wondering, afraid of losing you. I sometimes look at you and wonder if... Continue Reading →


A little rant   Nowhere does it say, in any article or definition, That pain is necessarily required. Bdsm has gotten quite a bad rap, But it has gained increasing popularity. There are many different takes on the meaning, But... Continue Reading →

Accidental Infidelity

I worry that you will find someone better, Someone that makes you happier. I'm scared you'll grow close to another girl-- Perhaps one at work, or one of the freak friends That I pretended to like because you do. I'm... Continue Reading →

Porn Star

I don't have porn star good looks, But I'll become your freak in bed. I may not be model thin, But I know you like my curves. I'm not the most experienced, But you wouldn't rather be with any other.... Continue Reading →

Sexy Pictures

I sent you multiple pictures, master, For you to enjoy when you start break. I know you're at work, master, But my body is eager for your appraisal. Tell me I loom pretty, tell me I'm hot, Call me a... Continue Reading →

Baby Leopard Cub

Tiny little leopard, Prowling in the jungle, Leaping and hunting, Practicing for someday, When she's all grown up, And able to take down The fastest wild gazelle. A baby panthera pardus, Weighing newborn at 1lb. Cute and fuzzy, the little... Continue Reading →

Personal Prostitute

via Lust   I know you're at work, master, But my private parts are tingling, Wanting you, craving your touch. You're not home right now, sir, So may I be granted permission To pleasure myself in your absence? I'll send... Continue Reading →

Our Half-Year Anniversary

Today is our six-month anniversary. We have made it 182 days so far And my heart is bursting with love. Just when I think I can't fall anymore, You trip me and I fall even harder for you. This morning,... Continue Reading →

2am Thoughts Of You

It's just past 2am, And I'm thinking Hard about you. I can't stand the Thought of not Having you Anymore. I am so scared Of losing you When I love you So freaking much. You are my heart; You are... Continue Reading →

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